Delano Athletics

07/23/2022 - Thank you, Christmas Day in July!

Thank you fans for attending the Christmas Day in July Game last night (7/22/2022), it's because of you is why we do what we do!

A special thank you goes out to the countless number of volunteers who made the event possible, especially the [Delano Light Committee] and Charlie Onan for decorating the ballpark and making it a fun experience for everyone in attendance, we sure hope that you enjoyed how they transformed the ballpark into "A Christmas Day in July," because we sure did.

We would also like to thank the volunteers working the Concession Stand, Beer Stand, Ticket Booth, Grounds Crew, Ball Shaggers and also the Salavation Army for making the night possible. 

[For more information on the Delano Light the Night Committee you can find them on Facebook.] Look for their upcoming events and ways you can contribute to their organization, including participating in their Christmas Tree Decorating Contest in 2022 in Central Park.

The Athletics final home game will be on Sunday, July 24th when we host the Westonka Wave at 1:00 PM.